Sabtu, 22 September 2012

My Favourite Band

Sabtu, 22 September 2012
Bonjour mes amis! ᵔᴥᵔ 

Happy sunday morning allllll, today I wanna show you my favorite singer and band. Let's check this out!

1. Jamiroquai

Wooooow this band is so awesoooomeee . Yap Jamiroquai are a British jazz funk and acid jazz band formed in 1992. Hmmm it quite long time. Fronted by lead singer....Jay Kay gyaaaa he have a voice like from easy listening and comfortable. Previously I was thought that Jamiroquai is name of the singer but it is name of the band, apparently the singer is Jason Kay a.k.a Jay Kay. I've known this band for about 3 years, exactly when I was 2th grade junior high school. That day, I accidentally playing for he first time Jamiroquai's song in my computer, which is Blue Skies and White Knuckle Ride. And you guys know what happened? hmm..... that was....... that was AMAZING ! HaHa maybe you think it's too excessive, but it's truly amazing. It's unique. Not just like the others band, I think. How comfortably his voice and his song too. I love all Jamiroquai's song, hihi. Just fyi, Jay Kay almost wearing his unique hat in every his performing. That hat is like a hat worn by tribe of Indians. This is the picture of Jay Kay

2. The Kooks

Next this is......The Kooks . The Kooks are an English Rock band formed in Brighton, East Sussex, in 2004. The band was formed by Luke Pritchard as lead vocals/guitar, Hugh Harris as lead guitar, Paul Garred as drums, and Max Rafferty as bass guitar. I just found out The Kooks maybe for about 1 month. I know this band accidentally when I was listening Prambors Radio. For the first time I heared The Kooks's song which is Junk Of The Heart and I just like "omg! how sweet this song ;'''') I love it!" I think I'm falling in love for the first sight with this song haha. Then I download this song. And I get addicted into it:') . Playing Junk Of The heart all day long haaha cause it have a deeply sweet lyric ever I heard, for example --> "Junk of the heart is junk of my mind, it's so hard to leave you all alone~" in that part, Luke sing it with his "selengean" voice and combined with sweet music, haaa I love it smuch!. Everytime I play this song, my feeling is more growing up to be MORE LOVE IT!. Then I'm trying to download the others song from The Kooks which is Sofa Song, Ooh Laa, and Naive. I think this band is consistantly choose their genres, BritPop. And their song hear so "genjreng-able". Here is the pict from The Kooks

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